Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After Christmas

So I've been really busy with family and the holidays. I decided to go all out and give only handmade gifts this year, but, I started on everything way too late! I made it through though, and I really hope everyone liked their gifts.
Here is my baby boy excited about his new owl :)
 This guy is made from fabrics from the Riley Blake collection called 'Alphabet Soup'. I made his eyeballs smaller and I think I may prefer it over the larger eyes I'd been doing. I think I will be doing more of this one to add to my shop.
 Above is a 'Kindle' type ereader sleave that I made for my dad. The outer fabric design is made from printable fabric that you design with your printer and print. I used quotes and images from the book and I think it came out pretty neat! Of course I wouldn't sell something like this because of copyright laws ;)
I may be adding these to my shop soon, not made with the printable fabric sheets but pretty designer fabrics.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!


  1. The ereader sleeve is really neat! I think books that old are in public domain, so you wouldn't have to worry about copyright laws. I'm not sure though, you'd have to took into it. :)